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Moloko Milk Bar


One can argue that the set design for the Moloko milk bar is heavily indebted to the British pop artist Allen Jones and the mannequin furniture that he gained notoriety for in the early 1970s. Jones was hired by Kubrick for the film but they soon fell out over financial differences. By this time he had already designed outfits for the waitresses to wear which exposed their buttocks (he used this design in his own publication Waitress). The two Lucy Milk Machines depicted dispense Moloko drinks from their nipples while the tables hold more than one drink comfortably. The wigs the mannequins wear were supplied by Leonard of Mayfair. Kubrick sent Castle a Lucy to work directly from, which has remained a central feature of his studio ever since.

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Image Size – 33cm x 28cm 
Paper Size – 59.5cm x 42cm

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