Droogs in Car

“The Durango 95 purred away real horror show, a nice warm VIBRATEY feeling all through your GUTTIWUTS”. Alex and his Droogs steal a super futurist auto, in this case, the Adams Probe 16, better known in the film as the ‘Durango 95’.  

For this sequence, Stanley Kubrick adopted the use of back-projection imagery, at Pinewood Studios to highlight the comic book animated mood of the Droogs as they hurtle through the night. Oncoming cars and motorcycle riders crash in their wake as the Droogs are in wild pursuit of their next victims.  Castle’s animated image captures the ultimate joy of the Droogs, complimenting perfectly the surreal and fantasy-like imagery on screen, as the director intended. 

Kubrick said, “I think an audience watching a film or play is in a state very similar to dreaming and that the dramatic experience becomes a kind of controlled dream.”

Image: 33 X 25 cm

Paper – 59.5 x 45 cm


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An illustration by Philip Castle of Droogs in Car from the film A Clockwork Orange
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