Moloko Milk Bar

For this image, Philip Castle combined elements for the Korova Milk Bar.  Sculptured, wigged, adorned plaster models, laid out in a circular setting, warmed by illuminated light bulbs.  Castle’s airbrush technique captures the brightness. The Korova girls dispensed Alex and the Droogs with nighttime beverages of Milk-Plus, a drug spiked Milk to heighten their senses, ready for the night’s escapades. 

For inspiration, Kubrick visited an exhibition of pop artist Alan Jones that displayed female figures as furniture. He recruited the services of sculpture Liz Moore in collaboration with production designer John Barry to create the figures and Korova Milk Bar in which they were placed.

Image – 33 x 28 cm

Paper – 60 x 45 cm

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An illustration of a naked women from the Korova Milk Bar scene from the film, A Clockwork Orange
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