A ‘Clockwork Orange’ Poster

Here we see the iconic A Clockwork Orange film poster, in a slightly alternative stage to the final theatrically released version. Castle was invited to Kubrick’s Home in Hertfordshire to see an early print of the film. With his  Basildon Bond notepad and pencil, he sketched rough drawings of what became the most iconic film poster of all time.   The triangular shape that surrounds Alex’s cutting blade represents the letter  ‘A’. 

Alex Delarge (Malcolm Mcdowell), his white shirt sleeves adorned with blooded eyeball cufflinks,  holding a sharpened knife from his sword stick.  Its’ blade cuts through the bold image to reveal The Korova Milk Bar girls, kneeling, and staring coldly ahead.  

Castle admired the work of Graphic Artist Milton Glaser; although not copied, Glaser’s style inspired the approach to the lettering. The futuristic font Castle created was slightly altered on some of the letters for the final poster.  Stanley Kubrick’s main input was for the shape of the hat to sit perfectly – which Castle delivered ⸺ perfectly. 

Image – 85cm x 68.5cm

Paper – 119cm x 89cm

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An illustration of Alex with a knife in the icon film poster from the film A Clockwork Orange
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