Droogs in Mask

This design depicts, arguably, the most controversial sequence in Stanley Kubrick’s film,  where writer Mr Alexander (Patrick Magee ) is brutally attacked. His wife, Mrs Alexander (played by Adrienne Corri), is raped by Alex and his droog accomplices, hidden behind menacing masks, as they dance and sing joyfully to the refrains of the Gene Kelly soundtrack “Singin in the Rain”.  The anatomical amalgamation includes detail of an exposed breast, where Alex cuts Mrs Alexander’s red all-in-one catsuit with scissors, with all the panache of a dress designer.   Alex kneels and looks directly into the camera, “Viddy Well Little Brother, Viddy Well” ..teasing, torturously, Mr Alexander in the process.  

Philip Castle’s powerful, soft airbrushed imagery details in sharp contrast, the abject horror the couple endures and at the same time replicates Kubrick’s intention to show the utter joy Alex DeLarge felt for “a bit of the Ultra-Violence”.

Image – 32.5 x 20 cm

Paper – 59.5 x 45 cm


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An illustrated poster of Droogs in Mask from the film A Clockwork Orange
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