Alex with False Teeth

Here Philip Castle’s design blends perfectly two sequences from Kubrick’s film. Firstly, Castle captures the film’s opening sequence from the ultra-hip hangout of the Korova Milk Bar, as we are introduced to Alex Delarge (played by Malcolm McDowell), staring malevolently, direct to camera, spiked by the old Milk-Plus.   


A cinematic frame that is revisited throughout the film. ONLY here, in Castle’s interpretation, we also see a hint of the scene when Alex is visited by his correctional official, Mr Deltoid (played by Aubrey Morris). Deltoid was investigating police reports of night-time crimes, of which Alex and the Droogs are prime suspects.  Mr Deltoid, in a rage, mistakenly takes a sip of water from a glass on the bedside table, unaware of the dentures lurking within.

Image – 33 x 21 cm

Paper – 59.5 x 45 cm


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An illustration of Alex, from A Clockwork Orange, holding up a glass with false teeth
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